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The original drywall carts built to real world standards.  Built tough by people who know the daily requirements of tradesmen who must use these carts every day. Steel Plated Carts ?These drywall carts are built with a continuous base frame that withstands the constant use and accidental abuse of the job site.  The rounded corners and smooth finish make them easy on their handlers and the surroundings. 

Each cart has a 12” x 40” 12-gauge deck plate.  Height is 48” and length is 50”.  Carrying capacity is 3,200 lbs.  Comes standard with four 8” swivel casters.

UHMW Plastic Plated Carts ?These drywall carts come with a 12” x 40” UHMW plastic plate that allows panels to be easily slid on and off the cart.  The base has a recessed back to allow movement in tighter quarters and the ends have been removed to assist in the loading and unloading process. 

Height is 48” and length is 40”.  Carrying capacity is 3,200 lbs.  Comes standard with four 8” swivel casters.


Need to move different types of material?  Then let us help you build a cart to fit your needs.  Whether you need a cart to move glass, sheet metal or bulky boxes, we can build the cart to fit the job.


24” in width and weighs 85 lbs.

20” in width and weighs 80 lbs.

DC 2024


24” in width and weighs 75 lbs.

20” in width and weighs 70 lbs.

DC 2024